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Evolution Ventures gives business of all sizes access to professional executive services to solve problems, unlock opportunity, accelerate performance and achieve clearly defined goals. Help to navigate the ever-changing business landscape with a custom strategy built to win. Examining organizational strengths and weaknesses, identifying what’s holding you back and in your way. Then we fill in the gaps, so you do what you do best, instead of being side-tracked and distracted. Our seasoned pros handle it efficiently, effectively, on-time and on-budget.

  • We’re Different by Design

    We’re Different by Design

    After working with clients of all sizes, in all types of industries and providing a broad range of C-Suite level executive services, what matters most couldn’t be clearer: Their common challenges greatly outweigh their differences. This distinction guides our approach.

  • We Begin at the Beginning

    We Begin at the Beginning

    Which means we don’t walk in with a pre-conceived plan or packaged solution but start with a deep-dive conversation. The objective is to understand where you are, where you’d like to go, the obstacles in the way, and the best combination of services to get it done.

  • Professional Transparency

    Professional Transparency

    There’s no smoke and mirrors, and there is no mystery to what we do. Our success is your success, and that comes from hard work and paying attention to details. We identify the path to elevate businesses to the next level, with clearly-defined strategy, systems, and costs.

  • Comprehensive Services

    Comprehensive Services

    From strategy to development, marketing to finance, IT to HR, and more, we provide easy, on-demand access to trusted executive advisories on your terms. What you need, when and where you need it, and fully customized – not a one-size-can’t-possibly-fit-all solution that’s too good to be true.

  • Systems and Management

    Systems & Management

    Our passion is to streamline, efficient and productive systems throughout organizations enabling an easier and greater accountability. Integrated Systems thinking drives smoother operations and more confident decisions that power increased performance.

  • Sustainable and Scalable

    Sustainable &  Scalable

    We’ll never propose a quick-fix, ones that slip away like a fist full of sand leave you scratching your head. We deliver sustainable solutions and systems that can be implemented efficiently, designed to ignite growth that can be measured, controlled and optimized.

  • Solutions not a Money Pit

    Solutions not a Money Pit

    Our custom programs are individually designed for each client, tailored to needs and objectives, not our convenience or what we’d like to sell. Costs are clearly-defined, so there are no blank checks or surprises.We earn client trust by delivering as promised, every time.

Our Executive Team


Haroon Bhatti, MBA, MSF

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

For nearly a decade and over a remarkable business career spanning three continents, Haroon Bhatti ‘s reputation for business insight has been earned the old-fashioned way: Hard work, results, and performance giving his clients a competitive advantage. In every engagement is his passion to identify opportunities for growth and improvement by bringing C-Suite level executive advisory within the reach of businesses of all sizes and leveling the playing field as never possible before.

Work that understands process, technology, marketing, and the urgency to integrate them all to overcome internal organizational obstacles – both human and systems –to get the most from each. Accomplished by reducing expenses, streamlining and enhancing existing systems, and introducing into organizations of all sizes robust functionality with greater accountability. This enables data-driven decisions that confidently optimize financial and employee resources, supported by systems thinking that understands how to align systems to serve you, not enslave you.

At home in the start-up trenches and with businesses of all sizes, Haroon is respected for his understanding of diverse industries and cultures, including the United States, Asia, and the Middle East. His startup,, reimagined the rebuilt vehicle marketplace, while sales under his leadership rose annually by more than 32% for five consecutive years. For the past decade, Michigan has been home for Haroon and Evolution Ventures underscores that commitment.

Dr. Syed Muhaymen Hussain, PT, DPT, MBA, MS

Chief Healthcare Advisor

Dr. Syed Muhaymen Hussain has been helping the diverse population of Michigan meet their short-term and long-term clinical goals in a number of different capacities since 2014. His expansive experience as a clinical supervisor and physical therapist is backed by a passion for education and commitment to expertise in his field. Prior to graduating with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Dr. Hussain achieved an MBA in Healthcare Administration, a Masters in Clinical Sciences and a Bachelors with a concentration in Psychology and Philosophy. Dr. Hussain continues to place an emphasis on obtaining industry knowledge with continued accomplishments and a dedication to ongoing learning.

Dr. Hussain’s expertise in health-related fields reaches far beyond professional education and training. As a full-time physical therapist, Dr. Hussain handled initial and on-going systematic patient assessments, evaluations and treatment plans for a variety of conditions, working cooperatively as an ancillary interdisciplinary team member to identify and solve patient-specific needs. Not only does Dr. Hussain place an emphasis on patient and family goals, he has also aided in the improvement of facility-wide operations to qualify and raise business standards in the healthcare space. Dr. Hussain’s experience includes oversight of home healthcare offices across the nation, managing several hundred employees, and ensuring adherence to ethical standards. He is an expert in CMS guidelines and strives to comply with these regulations.

From the executive leadership of all clinical disciplines to interactions with administrators, Dr. Hussain prioritizes the professional growth and continued development we have come to expect out of healthcare management. His experience in a multitude of settings provides the foundation upon which he has built his career, allowing him to provide the best quality of care while simultaneously maximizing profit to increase revenue. Today, Dr. Hussain continues to lead the medical sector with unmatched confidence and remarkable expertise.

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