5 Bookkeeping Habits An Entrepreneur Must Adopt

Good bookkeeping is an essential thing to keep your business thriving – not just surviving. Finances  if badly tracked can create numerous problems for your business…from poor cash flow to improper tax filings and beyond. Problems of these types can put a young business in the danger zone (at risk).  


On the contrary, good bookkeeping habits can assist in the growth of the business. The article will reveal five habits that an entrepreneur should adopt when it comes to bookkeeping:


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Get Professional Help for Tax Returns

Being an owner of business, you can get pulled in a dozen different directions. That’s why it is important to outsource work you don’t possess expertise or the required free time. One common thing between majority of entrepreneurs is that they started their business to pursue their passion and not to become accountants.


According to Carrie Smith (financial writer from Dallas), sometimes outsourcing the job to somebody who can do a quicker and better job is much smarter than trying to tackle it yourself.


Don’t go entirely “hands-off”

Outsourcing your finances doesn’t mean you should leave it entirely to someone else. You will still be required to review reports, understand the financial situation of the business and ask the right questions from your financial advisor.


As an owner, it is recommended that you possess knowledge of the basic business numbers, including profit, the trend in expenses, accounts receivable, profit per customer and how your client funnel operates.


Get the right software

Selecting the right software for bookkeeping is important. There are plenty of choices in the market, so you are not limited to a software that was designed to be used by accountants only. Search for a software that meets your business requirements. If you need assistance with choosing the suitable software, contact a financial advisory firm and take their inputs regarding what software would suit your business needs.  


Track your receivables

Issuing invoices are one thing and making sure that they are paid is another. Keeping updated date logs of your invoices and status of each – sent, received, paid, partially paid, and late. Some softwares can even keep track of invoices and flag late and unpaid invoices automatically.


How can Evolution Ventures help?

Evolution Ventures  gathers your Financial, Marketing and Operational Data and derive important business intelligence from it. A software developed by us called Evo Command Center gives you tools necessary to evolve your business and make confident and thoughtful decisions. We also provide bookkeeping services and CFO services in Detroit. Visit our website for more information.


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