Bookkeeping & accounting services in Detroit

Bookkeeping & accounting services in Detroit

It is very important to understand that Bookkeeping is one of the major things required in running a business.

Organization of revenue and expenses can help a lot in the formation of business growth strategies. Ignoring

this essential part can create chances of possible losses for a business.


What is Bookkeeping?

If you are not familiar with the term “Bookkeeping”, then here is a small introduction. Bookkeeping refers to the

systematic recording and organizing of transactions of finance in a company/organization.


In other words, bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions and information pertaining to a business

on a day-to-day basis. The main objective behind bookkeeping is to ensure that financial records of an

organization are correct and up to date. Accuracy is very important in the process.


Bookkeeping includes maintaining Journals and Ledgers, on the basis of which Financial Statements such as

Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet are prepared.


Why Bookkeeping Is Important?

As mentioned earlier, bookkeeping is a vital part of a business. If not considered seriously, it has the potential to

create a situation of huge loss for the company/business. Finances of your business can become much more

complex when the business is introduced to tax, assets, loans, and investments.


To make finances less complex and present it in an understandable format, Bookkeeping is important. The reason

for creating the process of Bookkeeping is to present the finances of the business in an easy to understand

language, in a manner that even a person from a non-accounting background should be able to understand.


Another importance of bookkeeping is that it assists in the tracking of day-to-day financial transactions of your

business, such as amount owed by debtors, amount due to creditors, outstanding expenses, etc.


How can Evolution Ventures help you?

Evolution Ventures is an organization based in Detroit which offers accounting services, CFO services, and

bookkeeping services. Our team consists of financial advisors who have a combined experience of several

decades in the finance industry. At evolution ventures, Our aim is not only to handle your bookkeeping &

accounts but also to guide in the growth of your business.


Maintaining business accounts enables our team to provide suggestions that can help in the formation of

an effective business strategy.


Apart from offering bookkeeping and accounting services, our organization also offers the following services:

  • Business Brokerage
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Web Development
  • Strategic Advisory and Analysis


Visit our website for more information.

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