Difference between Branding Marketing and Advertising

Marketing has become more competitive than ever, because of the internet and birth of the online market. Therefore, it is common to hear people explaining their marketing strategies as having “social media”, “online brand” or “advertising”.

However, marketing strategy is a much wider term and is not limited to only online marketing. Branding, Marketing, and Advertising are an essential part of a strategy, therefore it is important to understand the difference between them.

Experts at Evolution Ventures (branding service providers in Michigan) have shared their thoughts with us explaining the difference between Branding, Marketing, and Advertising.


Marketing is how you see yourself

In simple words, marketing is the picture that you are trying to create in the eyes of your audience. It starts with small things like color pattern, dressing style, etc. Do you want to portray yourself as a professionally dressed firm or a casually dressed firm…dress code is part of marketing.

Through marketing, you are expressing to your audience about your character, lovable attributes and ultimately the value you are offering.

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Advertising is how you act in public

If we can define marketing as how you see yourself then similarly, we can define advertising as describing your actions.

What you say, where you hang out, etc. are just as important as how you portray yourself to the public. All these small things should be part of your marketing strategy to assure that you maintain consistency between your image and your actions.

Never execute your advertisements in the wrong places, with wrong messages and tone, at the wrong times or to the wrong audience. This will confuse your customers and could turn them away.

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Branding is how others see you

Marketing is how we want others to see us while branding is the opposite of that. It portrays how people actually see us.

Your marketing strategy should also focus on building your personal brand. If you already have a strong brand…that’s an advantage. However, if you don’t and your reputation is already facing issues then you should focus on re-building it.

From a business mindset…it is very crucial for you to understand how your audience actually sees you because it can help in creating effective marketing and advertising strategy.

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