Overview of the Consulting Industry Trends in 2019


In the year 2018, the consulting industry went through several digital transformations, technological disruptions

and culture shifts. Many trends were observed in the past year and this article is going to cover the major ones.


Trends in 2018

4 major trends that were observed in the year 2018 are:


Digital Agencies and Consulting firms

The term “consulting” continues to evolve. In the year 2018, digital agencies across the United States of America

offered consultation as a secondary service while existing consulting firms added digital expertise to their list of

offerings. An article published at Campaignlive stated that “consulting firms are giving a tough challenge to digital

agencies” because of aggressive recruitment of top digital talent. This trend is expected to be seen in the year

2019 as well.


Scope of the word “Consulting” Expands


In a poll ran by RGP, they concluded that the consulting industry might actually be made of “tiers”:

  • Tier A: Consist of highly skilled advisory with successful case studies and charges high fees.
  • Tier B: Consist of consultants who are specialist in a specific technology
  • Tier C: Consist of highly skilled niche experts…hired to do precise projects.


Open-Web Content Commodifies Knowledge and Expertise

As the amount of Internet-based content available to the public is increasing rapidly on an annual basis,

such as best practices, guidelines, case studies, etc., “knowledge” and “expertise” of consulting are more

commodified. Even the term “micro-consulting” has entered into the language of the consulting industry.


Freelancers Keep Independent Roles

Similar to other industries, the freelance model of work continues to influence the consulting industry.

Some freelancers work independently while some join online consulting marketplaces or partner with

small or large size consulting firms. In a poll conducted by Odgers Connect, it was observed that the

majority of freelancers had no intention of leaving the independent world.


In the year 2018, freelance consultants were high-in-demand in the United States of America…a country

where almost 30% of the population is part of the freelancing industry and the number is still growing.



In 2018, more professionals became part of the consulting industry. Out of these professionals, the

majority of them left their job and became part of the freelancing world. It is presumed that all the above

-mentioned trends will also be seen in the year 2019.

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