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Majority of medium size firms struggle with the decision to hire a consulting firm to provide strategic guidance. Traditionally, the strategic decision has been the responsibility of the Chief Officers and Vice Presidents of a firm. The question arises, why you should hire a strategic consultant for your firm? Evolution Ventures, a strategy consulting firm based in Michigan provides you with five simple reasons for hiring a strategic consultant.


strategy consulting in Michigan


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Cost Savings


Investing in a strategic consultant can be a cost-effective decision for you because it will not only save your money but also time. It will eliminate the time of hiring skilled workers for the purpose of forming strategic plans. By hiring a strategic consultant, you will be able to invest more time in your day-to-day activities, rather than adding new projects that might require reprioritizing your team’s responsibilities.


Deep Expertise


A strategic consultant with years of experience in the field of strategy consulting brings added value in having insights and experience in initiatives that are new and frightening to others. An experienced strategic consultant understands the risks and mitigation practices and is able to bring stability and consistency during chaotic times. Apart from that, a strategic consultant also brings specialized market-leading skill sets as well as knowledge of market-leading technology. These skills sets are usually not available in-house (within the organization).


Agility and Speed


Consultants can start performing immediately because their skills are already built. There is no need for providing a training session, documentation, process creation, method authoring, planning or staffing plans. They can focus on any project without distraction. Majority of strategic consultants follow agile business processes, meaning they are able to navigate complexity with speed and clarity.


Defined and Proven Methods and Processes


A strategic consultant demonstrates competence and justifies the cost of their services by achieving certifications such as Marketing Automation certification and PMI certification. Strategic consultants express to the clients that they use those methods that will guarantee success and are cost-effective.


Key Partnerships


Strategic consulting firm partners with market-leading software and services providers (often partnering with more than one). Further, resellers, partners and channel partners have dedicated connections within technology companies making problem-solving faster as well as easier.


How Evolution Ventures Can Help You?


Evolution Ventures is a strategic consulting firm in Michigan, comprising of experienced strategic consultants who are offering business advisory services to a range of medium-sized firms.


Apart from that we also offer the following services:


  • Business Brokerage
  • Financial Engineering and Bookkeeping
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Web Development

Visit our website for more information. 


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